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Ali Hansen's Original Porcelain Doll Molds & Pattern

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Ali Hansen

Ali Hansen began taking classes and making dolls as a hobby in 1984. Her favorites were the lady dolls and since she also loved to sew, she began creating her own patterns for them.

In 1991, a local doll shop hosted a sculpting seminar conducted by Anthony of Solvang. Knowing absolutely nothing about sculpting, she decided to take Anthony's class and see if she had what it took to create her own dolls. While her first attempt was no masterpiece, it was still a very nice doll and she was happy and encouraged by her success. She continued taking classes and took additional classes from Anthony, Phillipe Faraut of PCF Studios, George Davis a local sculpting instructor and others and as you see on these pages, developed her own line of doll molds and patterns.

Once you purchase a set of molds from Childhood Fantasies (molds valued to at least $330), your name will be added to a special mailing list. As new molds and patterns become available you will be notified and you will be entitled to discounts offered only to our established mold customers. We also refer doll makers to you who are looking for a shop in their area for green ware, kits, classes and finished products. We currently have over 800 mold customers in the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia. If you are a doll maker looking for green ware, let us know and we will gladly refer you to one of these customers.

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