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New 36 inch Tatiana Head

Updated 07-12-08

36" Tatiana Head

I am pleased to announce that the new 36" head mold, Tatiana, is now ready for purchase. She is also ready in the 29" and 26" sizes as well. The 36" head mold is $125.00 and shipping costs of $16.00.
The 29" size is $99.00 plus $15.00 shipping, and the 26" size is also $99.00 plus $15.00 shipping. In addition, we have a special size on Tatiana that will fit the 31" Faces Past Cynthia SP. Email for infomation on this mold.

I will continue to feature molds by Audrey Hamann as they take the same shoulder plate, arms and legs as the Childhood Fantasies line. However, Audrey needs to be contacted directly about any orders for her molds and patterns. Thank you.

Also, new 36" arms for your dolls are ready to order now (see pics below). These arms allow your doll to hold items just with the porcelain fingers - no glue or putty required. Their cost is $85.00 for the set with $25.00
for the shipping.

New 36
New 36

The new 29" flat foot legs are also ready for purchase at this time. Great for dolls that are barefoot or would need to wear sandals. Their cost is $90.00 for the set
and $25.00 for shipping.

New 29

New 29

In addition, 5 new patterns are in the works. Pictures will be posted soon.


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