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About the Artist

Jennifer Esteban Originals

Jennifer Esteban

Jennifer Esteban originals began marketing molds of original dolls sculpted and created by Jennifer Esteban in Australia in 1988. The Ultimate Collection in West Palm Beach, Florida, purchased the rights to six of Jennifer's dolls: Elena, Savannah, Sabine, Lauren, Tara and Kate and marketed them internationally. These dolls can still be purchased from any Seeley's distributor.

In 1991, Jennifer migrated to the US and opened an office in California marketing her new dolls as Jennifer Esteban Originals. Molds were then being manufactured by Van Hellens Custom Mold Company in San Antonio, Texas, for the North American and European markets and in melbourne for Australasia. The company also produced and sold dolls on the Home Shopping Network based in St. Petersburg, Florida. A most popular limited edition vinyl doll kit, Amelia, sculpted by Jennifer, was manufactured and sold by Jennifer Esteban Originals.

Jennifer now lives once again in Australia and recently sold the exclusive worldwide rights to market her Jennifer Esteban Originals mold and pattern line to Charlotte Casperson of Childhood Fantasies molds and patterns. Our Jennifer Esteban molds are also manufactured by Van Hellens Custom molds in Texas.

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