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About the Artist

Klowns by Kay

Sweetheart Pierrot

Klowns by Kay has taken great measures to provide a broad assortment of designs. We offer everything from babies to toddlers, fashion dolls to elves and pixies, seasonal dolls, and of course our notorious clowns. Because this wide variety of selection has become our hallmark, Klowns by Kay continues to offer all sizes, shapes and assortments of quality designs to match the taste of even the most discriminating buyer.

Though Kay had, since her first box of crayons, been interested in art, and indeed was an art student at Texas Christian University, she found herself a contented young mother whose creativity was expressed in making clothes for her children, and in the illustrations she used in her Sunday School teachings.

Then in 1981, Kay began experiencing severe headaches. Her sleep became fretful and constantly interrupted. As the pain became incessant, so too, did the subject of her dreams. Repeatedly she saw a beautiful pastel clown, with a shaven head and a tiny tear falling from one eye. Somehow the clown figure gave her comfort and relieved her anxiety, offering a serenity for which she couldn't account.

Kay was drawn to give reality to her dream figure, and she started making sketches. Research at her local library lead her to recognize that this dream clown was Pierrot, the famous character of French lore, who smiled through his tears and overcame sorrow. Soon she began sculpting this clown figure.

Within weeks of completing this sculpture, Kay discovered that the cause of her headaches was a brain tumor. To save her life, she underwent immediate surgery. Fortunately, the proceedure was successful, the headaches were gone, and the road to recovery was swift.

Kay has pursued her goal to "bring beauty and a little joy into the world" since 1983 with the release of her first creation, the 28" Sweetheart Pierrot.

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